The Process of Installing New Locks

Why should the new locks be installed?

Installing new locks serves to enhance the security and safety of a new home.

New locks are also installed if the current lock is faulty, worn out, or poorly installed.

Note: To simplify the process of installation the new locks should match the size of the opening in the door. It is important to obtain the precise measurements of opening in the door before buying a new lock.


Procedure for installing new locks

How does a locksmith install new locks? The locksmiths observe the following steps when installing the new locks.

1. The old doorknob is removed by loosening the screws on either sides of the doorknob. In some cases the screws are invisible. In such instances, the GrizzlyLocks locksmith will remove the inner door knob by tracing the catch located in a small hole or slot and letting it go using either a sharp and pointed object like a pin or an owl or a screwdriver that has a flat head.

2. The two halves of the knob are then separated and pulled outside the door.

3. Taking the measurement of the slot in the door

4. Strike or bolt plating the slot or opening in the door using a measuring tape. Ensure the new lock matches the measurements of the slot in the door.

5. Testing to ensure the purchased lock and the keys are working before commencing the installation exercise. If they do not, the locksmith tries out other knobs available until he or she establishes the one that functions.

6. Installing the new fastener and bar plating on the verge of the door

7. Inserting the doorknob halves. Ensure that the half with the spindle is inserted first followed by the other half. The latter should be placed with the screws appropriately lined up

8. Screwing the two halves together

9. The locksmith tests the lock once more to check if it is working.