The Process of Installing New Locks

Why should the new locks be installed?

Installing new locks serves to enhance the security and safety of a new home.

New locks are also installed if the current lock is faulty, worn out, or poorly installed.

Note: To simplify the process of installation the new locks should match the size of the opening in the door. It is important to obtain the precise measurements of opening in the door before buying a new lock.


Procedure for installing new locks

How does a locksmith install new locks? The locksmiths observe the following steps when installing the new locks.

1. The old doorknob is removed by loosening the screws on either sides of the doorknob. In some cases the screws are invisible. In such instances, the GrizzlyLocks locksmith will remove the inner door knob by tracing the catch located in a small hole or slot and letting it go using either a sharp and pointed object like a pin or an owl or a screwdriver that has a flat head.

2. The two halves of the knob are then separated and pulled outside the door.

3. Taking the measurement of the slot in the door

4. Strike or bolt plating the slot or opening in the door using a measuring tape. Ensure the new lock matches the measurements of the slot in the door.

5. Testing to ensure the purchased lock and the keys are working before commencing the installation exercise. If they do not, the locksmith tries out other knobs available until he or she establishes the one that functions.

6. Installing the new fastener and bar plating on the verge of the door

7. Inserting the doorknob halves. Ensure that the half with the spindle is inserted first followed by the other half. The latter should be placed with the screws appropriately lined up

8. Screwing the two halves together

9. The locksmith tests the lock once more to check if it is working.

How to Determine What Microsoft Licenses You Need

Microsoft Open Licensing gives charity, academic, corporate, and government organizations the option to initially buy a small number of software licenses, then scale up their purchase as their organization grows and changes in its business needs. It is particularly well-suited for small and medium businesses looking for a simple and convenient way to acquire licenses for Microsoft products.

When it comes to buying an open license, there are a few things you need to consider. These include:

1. Product Category

Microsoft’s software and services generally fall into one of three categories:

• Applications – These include Microsoft Office suites, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Vision, as well as developer tools and utilities such as Visual Studio
• Systems – These are the typical Microsoft desktop PC operating system software programs, such as Windows. They generally come preinstalled on new computers.
• Servers – Includes Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server

The licensing requirements will vary, depending on which of the three product categories you’re interested in licensing.

2. Minimum Initial Purchase

Microsoft’s Open License requires that organizations purchase at least five licenses, usually with the option for Software Assurance. Customers who are renewing are allowed to create an Open License Agreement for five licenses, and reorder until two years after the date the authorization number was created.

This minimum requirement isn’t a big problem for most organizations, but self-employed individuals should look for other options if they cannot make use of five licenses.

3. Pricing

There is only one standard price when purchasing the minimum five licenses, but some organizations may qualify for a discount if they make large up-front purchases. The volume option in Microsoft Open License allows these high-volume customers to get a discount on their licenses if they purchase 500 licenses or more in a single product category.

4. Agreement Term Length

The two-year agreement term on Open License Agreements is non-renewable according to and at the end of the period, you must sign another Open License Agreement. Usually, a new agreement is opened automatically if your order does not reference an existing authorization number.

You can track compliance, manage your license orders and purchase history, receive order confirmations, and manage other aspects of software licenses electronically via VLSC.

What To Do If You Lose Your House Keys

A Locksmith comes first into the minds of people who have lost their house keys, car keys or any kind of damaged locks. A common misconception prevails among the people that a locksmith is a person who only creates a duplicate key for a given original key. Locksmith’s contribution plays a pivotal role for the people who have problems in their ramshackle keys and locks.

A locksmith will serve as a sigh of relief for people who wish to install the security alarms, security sensor systems and CCTVs in order to protect their house premises or offices from burglars. A locksmith comes into the picture in case of accidentally locking the house and losing the house keys.

The locksmith normally has the habit of re-keying the locks. The locksmith usually uses the key cutting technology to create new house keys for people who have lost their house keys. Key cutting technology is primarily an art which allows the locksmith to cut and make a new key out of the spare key into the desired shape. They generally use the key cutting tools and machines to mold into a new house key using the spare key.

Locksmiths often make new house keys using the code key cutting machines where a code is being imposed on the keys in order to open the door locks. Using these machines, a locksmith can create a new key into various forms.

The locksmiths usually place the key material’s tip part in a key hole to form a good and better shape for the house keys. They will create a new house key with the help of a blank key in order to get the correct measurements.

A code will be generated for the measurements of the new house key. Using the codes, the new key is constructed using some profile machines and key cutting tools. Make sure you choose a reliable professional before getting any home security system (even if it’s just a key), but in general, you should always call a locksmith to make new house keys.

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